What's in my water?

Here is a list of common problems for city water & well water.

Brown, yellow, or orange stains

This can appear in tubs, showers, toilets, anywhere water is present or sets for an amount of time. The culprit is Iron in the water, mostly found in well water. Our method of removing Iron from the water is Chemical Free! See information under our products tab "Iron & Sulfur System."

Blue, Green Stains, or crustiness

This can appear on tubs, toilets, shower walls as well as faucets & fixtures. The culprit is PH Balance. PH of pure water is 7.0, when it goes lower than that, the water is considered acidic. This means the water is in an aggressive state and it eats, corrodes at all metal objects it touches, such as fixtures, hot water heaters etc. The staining comes from the dissolving of metal.

Our method of treating low PH is by installing an acid neutralizer unit, look under our products tab for more information on this.

White Deposits or water spots on dishes, shower doors, coffee pots & fixtures

The culprit is hard water. Hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium & magnesium in your water. A tradition water softener is used to completely remove this from your water. We do not believe in the "Salt free" systems available today, as they only "Reduce hardness" There must be an ionic exchange process to produce soft water and the salt free systems, simply can not do this. When looking for a water softener, you want features such as one that is demand initiated, (saving you water & salt). One that will provide good flow rate, not restrict the flow of your water, once it has been installed. Click our Products tab, and view the Entek BTR-100, this is the way to go!

Rotten egg smell

The culprit is Sulfur! YUCK! Nothing is worse than washing clothes or bathing in Sulfur odor! Hydrogen Sulfide gas produces and unpleasant smell. Somethings that may cause are as follows. When decay of organic matter reacts with sulfur containing minerals in soil & rock. Water heaters can also produce sulfide gas because it provides a warm place for sulfate reducing bacteria to live and the magnesium anode rod can supply electrons that cause the reaction giving you sulfide gas "Rotten egg smell".

Our systems used to treat this problem is chemical free! View our products tab and take a look at the Iron & sulfur brochure.

Chemical, bleachy smell

This is common on city water supply. This is the method of treatment used for 100's of years by our city water suppliers. However, if you as the consumer would prefer to remove this chemical from your bathing and drinking water we can help you! Go under our products tab and take a look at the DCHL-100 softener, it softens the water, as well as removes chlorine. We also have whole house filters for remove just chlorine!