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Pristine Water was established in 2010 by my Brother Roy Hager & myself. Our company is a continuance of what our Dad, Dan Hager built. He started Hager's Rainsoft, and Certified Water Specialists back in 1974! Dan Hager was the first person to introduce water treatment to Virginia. Dad became well known as "Dan the water man Hager." He grew our family business by installing water treatment for all of Northern VA, DC, MD to Richmond, VA.

Michelle Roy Hager Michelle & Roy Hager
Owners - Pristine Water

I soon came aboard working for Dad at the age of 16; I started off making routine phone calls for service and sales and over time, incorporated and handled all aspects of the business; except for one, which is where my Brother, and business partner, Roy Hager, comes in. Roy Hager grew up learning about water testing and water treatment equipment; with supervision from my Dad, he installed his first water treatment unit at the age of 15 and has been installing and servicing water treatment whole house systems ever since! Together we have over 38 years of knowledge and expertise in the water treatment industry! We share the same passion and commitment that our Dad had- to provide customers with quality water and service. Dad always told us "If you take care of your customer, the customer will take care of you!" - we are locally owned & operated, a real family business and we believe in treating our customers like family- we are committed to providing you with the best of the best! Whether you need service on your current water system or a recommendation for new, look no further! You are in the right place for all of your water treatment needs!

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you! Thank you again... Michelle Hager & The Pristine Water Team

NSF / Water Quality Certification (PDF)

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