Notice Staining Around Your Plumbing in Your Fredericksburg, VA Home?

August 29, 2018

Are you noticing staining around your bathtub or sinks and a rotten egg smell near your plumbing? This can be an indicator to heavy presence of Iron and Sulfur in your water. Our Entek Iron & Sulfur system is a chemical-free solution to remove these particles – no more stains on your fixtures and sulfurous odor in your Fredericksburg, VA home! Contact Pristine today!

Hardness in Your Water Affecting Your Home in Falls Church, VA?

August 24, 2018

Is the hardness of your water clogging your coffee maker? Ideal for city and community water, the Entek BTR-100 water softener is the solution for your water hardness! Say goodbye to those chemicals and welcome fresh, pure water throughout your home in Falls Church, VA. Contact Pristine today and we’ll test your water!

New Water Treatment System in Woodbridge, VA

August 9, 2018

“Great family company. When we first moved in, without water treatment, our pipes literally burst several times a year. Since switching to Pristine Water Treatment, we have been great and had no problems. Most of all, these people are decent, kind and honorable. We love Pristine!”
– Woodbridge, VA

If you have a problem with your water treatment system, contact Pristine today!

Bacteria in Your Well Water in Nokesville, VA?

August 3, 2018

Attention new home buyers: If you have stumbled before your closing that you have bacteria in your water, you are in need of our Ultra Violet Light system & Reverse Osmosis drinking water unit! These units offer complete protection against bacteria and many other issues with your well water in Nokesville, VA. Call Pristine Water for an estimate. We are here to help!