Untreated Water in Arlington, VA

October 30, 2018

Suspect that the untreated water in your Arlington, VA home has chemicals in it, due to staining around the plumbing and the smell of rotten eggs? Take advantage of our special offer! Get a city water whole house treatment system and a Reverse Osmosis drinking water unit for just $99/month and 6 months interest-free. All of our products are warrantied! Contact Pristine Water today and we’ll conduct a free water test!

The Best Water Softener on the Market!

October 25, 2018

Pristine Water is now offering the best water softener on the market for as little as $72.00/month! Protect your appliances and get rid of the water spots on your shower doors and dishes. Removing hardness from your water will also give you softer skin and hair. All of this for $72.00/month! What are you waiting for? Call today! Pristine also offers free water tests – let us help your health & home in Lorton, VA!

Premier Water Softener

Concerned About Pollutants in Your Water in Fairfax, VA?

October 15, 2018

We have the solution to water pollution! City water consumers, are you concerned about arsenic, lead, chlorine, and hard water in your home? Pristine Water is now offering city water whole house treatment systems, plus a Reverse Osmosis drinking water unit for only $99.00 a month, and 6 months of no interest! Call today to schedule your free water test in Fairfax, VA! Let us help you with your health & home!

Reverse Osmosis

An Interview with Roy Hager of Pristine Water Treatment

October 3, 2018

Roy Hager from Pristine Water Treatment talks about water quality and answers some questions about hard water, chlorine, treatment, and more! Check out our interview with Kimberly Jewell, realtor with Berkshire Hathaway in Fredricksburg, VA. If you have more questions or you’d like us to come out and test your water, contact Pristine Water today!