Water Filled with Iron in Fairfax, VA

November 30, 2018
“Pristine Water Treatment has been nothing short of amazing! Our water was full of iron and smelled horrible until Pristine showed up. Within 48 hours, Pristine updated our system to meet our needs and our budget. Now, we have crystal clear fabulous water. The Pristine Water Treatment’s knowledgeable and caring team set the bar high! Thank you!”
– B.N. in Fairfax, VA
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Water Hardness in Your Home in Fredericksburg, VA?

November 20, 2018

Water softeners that give you true soft water must go through an ion exchange process. This is why salt is used to soften water. Salt-free systems only reduce hardness; it does not remove it! Our water softeners are “smart” – it monitors water usage, and in return, this gives you less trips to the store and basement! Call Pristine Water to find out how we can help you have softer skin, hair and protect your home all at the same time in Fredericksburg, VA!