Filtration System Replaced in Fredericksburg, VA

January 10, 2019

“My filtration system has not been working properly and I could not get any response from the manufacturer about who to call for service. I called Pristine Water and they were great from the first phone call. I could not be happier with the time Roy took to explain what was wrong. I ordered a new filtration system from them and look forward to the installation!”
– S.K. in Fredericksburg, VA

Are you tired of waiting for your system to be serviced, due to it being a specific brand? With Pristine, you don’t have to worry! We service ALL makes and models! Contact us today to check out your water treatment system.

Water Treatment Diagnosis in Arlington, VA

September 13, 2018

“The Pristine Water team is outstanding! The technician really knows his stuff about water treatment and walks you through all he does as he is doing it. He is very courteous and professional. The people who handled the scheduling were amazing. Great team!” – Arlington, VA

From scheduling to installation and service, Pristine values customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a free water test!

Pure Drinking Water in Lorton, VA

September 7, 2018

What are the benefits of Safeway’s Ultra-Filtration Drinking Water System? It removes bacteria, cysts, chlorine, sediment, odd tastes and odors while solving flow and pressure issues. If you suspect there may be bacteria in your water, contact Pristine Water today for a free water test in Lorton, VA!


Notice Staining Around Your Plumbing in Your Fredericksburg, VA Home?

August 29, 2018

Are you noticing staining around your bathtub or sinks and a rotten egg smell near your plumbing? This can be an indicator to heavy presence of Iron and Sulfur in your water. Our Entek Iron & Sulfur system is a chemical-free solution to remove these particles – no more stains on your fixtures and sulfurous odor in your Fredericksburg, VA home! Contact Pristine today!

New Water Treatment System in Woodbridge, VA

August 9, 2018

“Great family company. When we first moved in, without water treatment, our pipes literally burst several times a year. Since switching to Pristine Water Treatment, we have been great and had no problems. Most of all, these people are decent, kind and honorable. We love Pristine!”
– Woodbridge, VA

If you have a problem with your water treatment system, contact Pristine today!

Do You Have Iron in Your Well Water in Fredricksburg, VA?

July 10, 2018

How can you tell that your well water has high levels of Iron? You may see staining on your plumbing fixtures, bath tubs, shower walls and doors. Chemical-free and low maintenance, the Safeway Iron Zapper is the best solution! If you suspect iron in your water, contact Pristine today. We’ll run a water test and answer any questions you have about your well water in Fredricksburg, VA!

Kitchen Water Purifier in Lorton, VA

July 6, 2018

“Our kitchen is being remodeled and we’d like to install a purifier for our water. Let us know if this is something that can be done – thank you!”

– Lorton, VA

We have a variety of water treatment products and services to fit your pure water needs! Whether you need a water softener, acid neutralizer or just want someone to come out to test your water and then determine what is needed – Pristine is there to help! Contact us today!

How to Bypass Your Rainsoft Equipment

June 29, 2018

Roy Hager from the Pristine team offers a look into how to bypass your Rainsoft equipment in Stafford, VA! If you’re having issues with your water treatment systems or are finding sediment in your water, contact Pristine today at (571) 334-8283! We will run a free water test for you.

We Service Water Systems of ALL Makes and Models

June 13, 2018

Along with our full line of water treatment products, we will service ALL makes and models of an existing water system in your Fredricksburg, VA home. Whether you want a new water system that you already purchased to be installed by us or want to request a water test, Pristine is here to help. Talk to us today at (571) 334-8283!