Lifetime Warranty

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Our products are warrantied with a 15-year manufacturer warranty, plus a lifetime warranty backed by Pristine Water Treatment. This warranty is also transferable, backed by Pristine Water Treatment.

All parts are covered 100%. The Valve, Tank, electronics on any Pristine water unit or reverse osmosis unit. In addition to the resin that is used in any Pristine Water Softener, including the Pristine Water All in one, PWS-100, 150 & PWS-100 all in one. Please note, the ALL in one, resin is covered 100%, the carbon inside this unit will need to be serviced generally 8-10 years. This media (Carbon) is considered a media that will require replacement in 8-10 years. The cost of this is 550.00, every 8-10 years.

Media’s & filters that are considered service Items are listed below. These are NOT covered under the Lifetime Warranty.

Calcite, Carbon, Birm, Iron breaker media, all drinking water and sediment filters are considered service items, not backed under the warranty. These are items that will need replacing in a year’s time to keep your water system working at its top performance.

Thank you for choosing Pristine Water as your water treatment provider, we look forward to a long relationship with you in taking the best care of your water!

Questions on this warranty, you can contact Michelle Hager at 571-334-8283.

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