We Are Available for Your No Contact Services and Water Tests

March 31, 2020

Pristine Water Treatment remains open for business and is closely following the guidelines established to combat the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We offer No Contact services where we can enter the home through the basement or a designated entry that the customer chooses, deliver our services, and payment can be made by phone call to the office. For No Contact services and water tests, contact us at (571) 334-8283. We hope you and your family stay safe and healthy during this challenging time.


Get Pure, Filtered Water at Home

March 25, 2020

Tired of continuing to run to the store for filtered water? Discover our Ultra Filtration Drinking Water System! It will remove any bacteria, chlorine, bad tastes and odors in your water. For the purest water just right at your kitchen sink, give Pristine Water Treatment a call at (571) 334-8283!

We Offer Free Comprehensive Water Analysis

March 17, 2020

An important step to choosing the right water system to solve your water problem is a comprehensive water analysis. The Pristine Water team offers free water tests for your household’s water! As your water treatment specialists, it’s our duty to make sure you have the right equipment that corrects your water issues, with the best warranty and price. For clean, pure water in Arlington, VA, call us at (571) 334-8283.

A Great Experience with Pristine in Lorton, VA

March 9, 2020

“Always a great experience with Pristine. They fixed my water issues and had our water back to normal with a system recharge. Kenny was very helpful and explained the entire process to me.”
– B.M in Lorton, VA

Something off going on with your current water system? Trust in the Pristine Team to resolve your water issues! Give us a call at (571) 334-8283.

Filtered Water with Beneficial Minerals in Fairfax, VA

March 2, 2020

Are you looking for a solution to get filtered water in your Fairfax, VA home? For a cost-effective and hassle-free way to eliminate bottled water from your household, check out our UF (Ultra Filtration) drinking water system! It includes a lifetime warranty and will not strip the water of its beneficial minerals, filtering your water down to .02 microns. To learn more, give Pristine Water a call at (571) 334-8283.

Giving Your Fredericksburg, VA Home Pure Water Throughout

February 18, 2020

“I originally called and asked questions about our water and the various treatment methods. Michelle answered most of our questions but scheduled Roy to come by, test our water, and he answered the rest. Steve did the install, which only took about an hour and a half. He explained the system to us, tested it and answered any questions we had. Plumbing looks great and professional and left the work area as clean as he found it. Just took my first shower and you can feel the difference. A great job by Pristine Water Treatment!”
– C.B in Fredericksburg, VA

From scheduling to installation and use, the Pristine team strives for excellence throughout the entire process of giving your home access to pure water throughout. Call us at (571) 334-8283.

Welcome Our Newest Addition to the Pristine Team!

February 11, 2020

We would like to welcome our newest addition to our service team! Samuel Gardner is the son of Michelle Hager and nephew of Roy Hager, the owners of Pristine Water Treatment! He has been training with Uncle Roy for 6 months now and is loving the family business! Welcome to the team, Sam!


Let Us Know the Make and Model of Your Water Treatment System!

February 4, 2020

Some of the brands that we service are: Entek, Rainsoft, Culligan, Rusco, Kinetiko, Pelican, Water Boss, Aqua Pure, Fleck 5600, and Water Right. If you didn’t see your brand in that list, don’t worry! Call Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283 and let us know what you have. We service ALL makes and models of water treatment systems in Stafford, VA.

Water Test in Falls Church, VA

January 28, 2020

“On time, very knowledgeable and helpful in trying to figure out the issue! Although our water came back clean, the team was able to give advice on next steps! Great family business and they truly care about their customers!”
– Alison R. in Falls Church, VA

We’ll address any uncertainties you have about the purity of your water! For a free water test, call Pristine at (571) 334-8283.

Check Out Our Combination Water Softener and Whole House Filter

January 20, 2020

Washing the dishes and noticing a strange smell coming from the running water? If you need a solution to remove the chemicals, taste or odor from your home’s water, check out our combination water softener and whole house water filtration system! Ideal for city and community water in Fairfax, VA, it will give you safe, filtered, soft water from every faucet in your home! For a free water test, reach Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283.